Turkey’s Institutions Problem

Erik Meyersson

Turkey has an institutions problem. There, I said it.

The problem of Turkey’s institutions is the following: it’s a country with stronger-than-average state powers combined with weaker-than-average citizens’ rights. To see this, just take a look at the most recent edition of the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law index.


Yes, Turkey is ranked 59 out of 99 countries surveyed, which is rather low, but the interesting devil is in the details. The Rule of Law Index is made up out of 8 categories listed above to the right. These are in turn made up of answers to total of 47 questions posed to 100,000 households and more than 2,000 experts.

The spider graph to the left, where points further out the circle denote higher-quality institutions, also tells us something about the distribution of institutions.

According to WJP, where Turkey’s institutions are relatively strong is in the categories of Order and Security, Regulatory…

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